Mini Toffee Apples Recipe

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Odds and Sorts - Mini Toffee Apples

It's the most wonderful time of the year...
For most, that's probably Christmas. As much as we LOVE the festive period, our favourite season is Autumn. Those fallen and crisp leaves that crunch beneath your feet, the slightly cold chill in the air (any excuse for a scarf!) and the dark nights drawing in sooner.
Aside from the beloved meteorological conditions, we love all things sweet that come along with the season. For years, we've enjoyed Toffee Apples and as the years progress, that love still remains. A combination of two of our favourite things - fruit and sweets - what's not to love?!
Since Odds and Sorts is all about the miniature sweet things in life, we thought it was necessary to fuse our loves together and make something a little different for Autumn and one that's perfect for Halloween too. Alas, we give you Mini Toffee Apples (edible ones).

Mini Toffee Apples

This is our own take on the classic, but in miniature form. We produced 24 miniatures with this recipe, perfect for canapés or an anytime autumnal treat!

Ingredients & Tools:

4 apples - Granny Smith are best, as the extra crunch is perfect for these treats!
300g toffee - We used 6 x 50g bars of Walker's Treacle Toffee
Bowl of water
Melon baller scooper
Cocktail sticks or skewers (chopped in half)


Odds and Sorts - Mini Toffee Apples

First, start by peeling your apples. We find its best to keep them in a bowl of water, to keep them fresh, whilst you work on peeling the rest.

Odds and Sorts - Mini Toffee Apples

Next, take your melon baller and scoop out whole circles of apple. Again, we submerged these in water to make sure they stayed fresh whilst we did the remainder!

We managed to get 6 balls from each of the 4 apples, but depending on what size fruit you have, you may end up using more or less than this, or you can just make however many you want!

Put all your toffee bars in a bowl and in to the microwave for one minute on medium heat, stirring every 20 seconds.

Odds and Sorts - Mini Toffee Apples

Pat each of the apple balls with kitchen roll to get rid of excess water and then using a cocktail stick, or skewer stick, pierce each apple ball and dip into the toffee sauce. You may have to heat it up again if it begins to harden, just repeat the microwaving process above.

Continue with the rest of the apple balls and leave to set on a plate, we'd recommend popping them in the fridge for 10 minutes just to quicken up the process.

Odds and Sorts - Mini Toffee Apples

And there you go! Mini Toffee Apples.
You can choose to add other toppings to these how ever you wish!  Maybe dip them in chocolate too, add sprinkles, or nuts too? The possibilities are endless!
We'd love to see what you do with your Mini Toffee Apples, so be sure to let us know on and tag us in your makes on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

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  • These look so delicious!!!

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